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Ugly wanted photo on Facebook forces criminal’s surrender to police

By Mason White 2:11 PM August 7, 2017
Wayne Esmonde
Wayne Esmonde
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A criminal had no choice but to surrender to police because he wanted officers to remove his ugly wanted photo from Facebook, according to police in the United Kingdom.

South Wales police said that 35-year-old Wayne Esmonde, was involved in an assault.

He fled from the scene before police arrived. Recently, police uploaded his photo on Facebook, and appealed to the public for information.

Esmonde was not happy with the photo because he did not look flattering. He begged police to remove his wanted photo, but police ignored him.

Esmonde wrote on Facebook: “Yes I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot. I’ve spoken to my solicitor and they will advise me what to do next. Thanks.”

He then added: “I’d appreciate it if you’d take this post down. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.”

Since the photo remained on Facebook, Esmonde had no choice but to turn himself in at the Swansea Central police station on Thursday.

After being booked on a charge of assault, police removed the ugly photo from their Facebook page.