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Housemaid mixes menstrual blood and urine into family’s food because she was refused a pay raise

By Mason White 4:49 PM August 8, 2017
Housemaid preparing food (illustration)
Housemaid preparing food (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A housemaid in Zimbabwe, allegedly admitted to tainting her employer’s food with blood and urine because she was refused a pay hike.

Netsai Chigairo of Chitungwiza, is a member of the New Revelation Ministries at Unit L Community Hall.

On Saturday, Chigairo confessed to her crime and promised not to repeat it. A year ago, Chigairo was hired by a wealthy family to be the housemaid.

She was paid to keep the house clean and cook food for the family. 6 months ago, Chigairo asked for a pay raise. Her employer refused the request.

Chigairo told the church members that since asking for a raise, her employer has stopped paying her wages. After missing two payments, Chigairo decided to get revenge.

She mixed her menstrual blood into the food of the family. She also tainted her employer’s food with blood from a cat and her urine.

Chigairo promised her pastor that she will stoop tinting the family’s food.