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15 firefighters set fires to earn more money extinguishing fires

By Mason White 4:54 PM August 8, 2017
Davide di Vita
Davide di Vita
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A group of firefighters conspired to set fires in order to be called to extinguish them and in turn earn money by spending more time on duty, according to police in Italy.

Sicily police said that they have arrested the fire chief and 14 firefighters after being accused of arson.

According to the police investigation, the fire fighting battalion was part of an auxiliary team and they received about $12 per hour for fighting fires.

The chief and his firefighters in Ragusa, wanted to earn more money so they set fires and then called the emergency number to report the blazes.

Some of the suspects told their family members to call the emergency number to report the fires.

They are also accused of calling in false alarms in order to increase the hours they worked.

In total, investigators believe that the firefighters started 80 fires.

The crimes came to light after officials noticed that this team responded to far more fires than any of the other units. All suspects are facing charges of arson and fraud.

The ringleader of the fraud has been identified as 42-year-old Davide di Vita.