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Goat caught on video jumping on police car

By Mason White 4:34 PM August 8, 2017
Goat on top of police cruiser
Goat on top of police cruiser
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Police officers who were responding to a scene of a goat in the road, were shocked when the animal jumped onto their police cruiser and refused to get off, according to police in Oklahoma.

The Blanchard Police Department said that one of its officers recorded the mischievous goat jumping on top of the police cruiser.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, when residents called police to report that the goat named Vivica, was in danger because the animal was walking in the road.

By the time police arrived the owner appeared at the scene.

Vivica quickly hopped onto the police cruiser and began hopping on the hood. The owner of the goat removed the animal from the car, but Vivica quickly hopped back on.

The officers said that they hope insurance will cover any damage caused to the police cruiser. The incident was recorded by a body cam.

The footage was uploaded to the department’s Facebook page, where it went viral.