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Restaurant offers female customers discounts according to their breast sizes

By Mason White 12:03 PM August 8, 2017
The sign
The sign
By: Emily Lewis

A restaurant is making headlines over its bizarre discounts for female customers.

The restaurant in China, put up a sign, announcing that they are offering discounts to women depending on their bra sizes.

The Trendy Shrimp is located in a shopping mall in the Zhejiang province in Hangzhou.

The company advertisement featured women standing in line with just their underwear on with the caption “the whole city is looking for breasts.”

It lists the prices for items depending on the women’s cup sizes with bigger discounts for women with larger breasts.

The list goes from an A cup to a G cup. The bigger the size the cheaper the woman will pay for the item.

The restaurant removed the sign after receiving a lot of complains from people who felt it was too vulgar and discriminatory towards women.

Lan Shenggang, the store’s general manager, defended the promotion. He said that the strategy worked well as sales increased by 20 percent as women were intrigued by the idea.

He assured people that customers discussed the discounts with waitresses instead of dealing with male staff in order to avoid embarrassment.