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Raccoon runs around with Skippy peanut butter bottle on its head after trying to eat

By Mason White 4:13 PM August 9, 2017
Skippy peanut butter bottle stuck on racoon head
Skippy peanut butter bottle stuck on racoon head
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A hungry raccoon got into trouble this week, after trying to eat out of a peanut butter bottle, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

Bobby Horvath and Cathy St. Pierre of North Bellmore, Long Island, New York, said that the distressing incident unfolded on Sunday.

The homeowner noticed that the raccoon was running around the backyard with the Skippy peanut butter bottle on its head.

After the raccoon failed to remove the bottle on its own for several hours, the homeowner called for help.

Horvath and St. Pierre of the Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation, responded to the scene and tried to help the raccoon.

The used a little bit of canola oil, and were then able to slip off the peanut butter bottle. The raccoon appeared healthy and ran off.

Horvath said that the racoon found the peanut butter bottle in a trash can sitting on the street, and decided to eat.

The raccoon stuck its head inside, but was then unable to get the bottle off.

Horvath advised people to close the lids of bottles before throwing them in the trash.

Stpierre said: “This young raccoon thought peanut butter would be yummy!! Well he got his head stuck. He had the jar on his head for a few hours. Bobby Sadie and I went to help him out.”