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Man waved to camera while having sex with woman on bleachers at state fair

By Mason White 12:21 PM August 9, 2017
Robert Beasley  and Desiree Anderson
Robert Beasley and Desiree Anderson
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A mother and son freaked out after learning that they were sitting on the same spot where a couple was seen having sex earlier in the day.

The man and woman were arrested at the Wisconsin State Fair, after they were seen on video having sex.

Robert Beasley, 28, and Desiree Anderson, 28, did not seem to care that they were being watched. Instead of covering themselves, the man waved to viewers.

They received their few minutes of fame, but not in a good way as they were both arrested and taken away in a police car.

When people saw the video, they were shocked by the couple’s actions as this was a family friendly fair.

Visitor Morgan Hakenson said: “We’re here for a horse show and dog show not to make babies.”

A spokesperson for the Wisconsin State Fair said that they were made aware of the “appalling viral video,” and added that “the incident is inexcusable, and therefore, a thorough investigation was conducted,” leading to the arrest of the couple.

The were booked into the Milwaukee County Jail. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will decided whether or not to pursue criminal charges.