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Teenager arrested for stealing tray from McDonald’s

By Mason White 5:19 PM August 9, 2017
Tray (illustration)
Tray (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A judge called a woman “the dumbest defendant” after she stole a tray from McDonald’s and bragged about her crime on social media.

Some people seem to get a kick out of getting things for free.

18-year-old Kyara Blazely of Australia, got a kick out of stealing a condiment tray from McDonald’s on Smith Street, while she was out with her friends.

Prosecutor Sarah Day said that a restaurant worker came across the Facebook post in which Blazely bragged about the theft.

She posted a photo of herself holding a tray with the caption: “I stole a tray of sugar from McDonald’s.”

After reviewing the restaurant’s security cameras, the worker reported the incident to police. A few days later, the teenager turned the tray over to the Darwin police and confessed to the crime.

She also identified herself as the person in the video.

She was charged with theft of the tray that is valued at $72.30

Blazely pleaded guilty at the Darwin Local Court to a single count of theft.

At sentencing, Judge Elizabeth Morris told the defendant: “You certainly win the prize for dumbest defendant today, for sharing a photo on Facebook of you and the tray and saying, ‘I stole a tray.'”

The judge also said “although the tray was not very expensive, it still didn’t belong to you.” Morris also pointed out that Blazely had just turned 18, and she was never in trouble before.

Blazely, who showed remorse over her spur of the moment decision to steal the tray, was ordered to pay $150.