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German couple kidnapped Chinese student before raping and killing her to fulfill their sexual desires

By Mason White 4:09 PM August 10, 2017
Sebastian Flech and Xenia Lang
Sebastian Flech and Xenia Lang
By: Alexis Bell

A young couple kidnapped a student in order to rape her to death, according to police in Germany.

Dessau police said that they have arrested 21-year-old Sebastian Flech and 21-year-old Xenia Lang, after being accused of raping and killing 25-year-old Yangjie Li.

Flech and Lang have been charged with rape and murder.

In court, Judge Uda Schmidt sentenced Flech to life in prison while his girlfriend, Lang, was ordered to serve 5 years behind bars.

Both defendants were ordered to pay $75,000 each as compensation.

According to the police investigation, Flech and Lang lived together. Lang had three children before committing the horrible crime.

One day, the couple decided to kidnap a woman and violently rape her to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

They went outside, and found Li of Henan, China, who was an architecture student in Germany. Li was jogging as part of her morning exercise routine.

Flech and Lang lured Li to an empty apartment where they raped and tortured her. The couple then left her in the apartment to die.

The two came back several hours later, and were surprised that Li was still alive. They smashed Li’s face with a brick and dumped her in the woods.

Eventually, Li’s friends and relatives in China, called police to report her missing.

Police launched a massive search operation to find the student, and she was found dead in the woods.

An autopsy revealed that Li died as a result of repeated blows to the head. Flech’s father is a police officer.