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Dramatic video shows rescue of man who was nailed to tree by two men after a business deal went wrong

By Mason White 8:27 AM August 10, 2017
Jose Duran nailed to the tree
Jose Duran nailed to the tree
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man is lucky to be alive despite being nailed to a tree.

Police released graphic video, showing the rescue effort.

The video shows the man standing up against the tree with both of his hands nailed to it.

A government official heard the man screaming for help in a wooded area in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He rushed to where the screams were coming from, and he found Jose Duran nailed to a tree. Police and firefighters arrived to help free Duran.

Before approaching Duran, the officer asked him if there was anyone in the area who could still hurt him, to which he replied: “two guys.”

It took firefighters several hours to remove Duran from the tree. They covered his hands with gauze before he was taken to a hospital.

Duran told police that the men were sent to threaten and scare him due to a real estate deal that went bad.

Duran has no criminal history, but he had been to court over the ongoing real estate issue.