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Pranksters set twerking woman’s behind on fire in nightclub

By Mason White 8:07 AM August 11, 2017
The victim on fire
The victim on fire
By: Alexis Bell

A woman who was a victim of a cruel prank, was left with burns to her backside.

The woman was forced to expose her naked bottom inside a club after it was set on fire while she was twerking in front of other party goers.

Videos of the shocking incident shows the woman twerking in a nightclub in Jamaica, where pranksters set her bottom on fire.

Someone poured a bottle of alcohol onto her shorts while another person repeatedly screamed “light it.”

Soon enough, someone pulled out a cigarette lighter and put it next to the woman’s body. Because alcohol is highly flammable, the woman’s shorts immediately caught on fire.

She immediately got down to the floor and attempted to put out the fire. When she was unsuccessful, the humiliated woman was forced to remove her shorts and panties, leaving her exposed in front of everyone.