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Judge orders parents and their lawyer to pay $292,000 for filing lawsuit over son’s death

By Mason White 9:42 AM August 13, 2017
Kenneth Jacquelyn and  Kendrick Johnson
Kenneth Jacquelyn and Kendrick Johnson
By: Mason White

A couple and their attorney were punished for filing a lawsuit, blaming two brothers for the death of their son.

17-year-old Kendrick Johnson of Georgia, was found dead inside a rolled up mat in the gym of the Lowndes High School in Valdosta, where he was a student.

Federal and local investigators concluded that Johnson died from positional asphyxia. They believe that his sneaker fell into the rolled up mat, and he then got stuck and suffocated while trying to retrieve it.

However, his parents, Kenneth who worked as a truck driver and Jacquelyn who drove a school bus, believe that foul play was involved.

In 2015, they filed a lawsuit, accusing two brothers of killing their son. They also sued 37 others, including law enforcement and school officials, claiming that they covered up the crime.

One year later, the couple dropped the lawsuit. Although all of the parties were happy that they lawsuit was dropped, they wanted the couple to pay for their attorney fees for defending themselves in the frivolous lawsuit.

The judge agreed, and ordered the couple and their attorney Chevene King, to pay $292,105.

Superior Court Judge Richard Porter ruled that “the couple had no evidence to support their claims that the brothers were involved in the death of their son or that any of the other defendants engaged in a conspiracy to conceal the cause or manner of Johnson’s death.”

The couple’s attorney is being held responsible because he filed the “groundless” lawsuit.