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Soldiers publicly strip civilian woman naked for wearing military uniform

By Mason White 12:14 PM August 14, 2017
Soldiers stripping woman naked
Soldiers stripping woman naked
By: William Martin

Police launched an investigation after a video emerged, showing how soldiers stripped a woman naked because she was wearing a military uniform, according to police in Nigeria.

Kano police said that the young woman, who is a student at the Aminu Kano University, was illegally wearing a military uniform in public.

The woman could face a charge of impersonation.

According to witnesses at the scene, a group of soldiers approached the woman after noticing that she was a civilian and wearing a military uniform.

She was ordered to remove her clothes immediately. The woman pleaded with the soldiers to allow her to go home because she did not want to be naked in public.

The soldiers denied her request, and proceeded to strip off her clothes. A witness at the scene recorded the incident and uploaded the video to social media.

A good Samaritan gave the woman a towel to cover herself. The woman took a taxi to her home.