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Mother records herself hanging her son with rope to punish husband for not giving her enough attention

By Mason White 1:27 PM August 15, 2017
Nareumon Jampasert holding her son
Nareumon Jampasert holding her son
By: William Martin

Police were asked to carry out a welfare check at a home after a woman took video of herself hanging her son with a rope.

When police arrived, they found the mother and son unharmed.

Police in Bangkok, Thailand, arrested 28-year-old Nareumon Jampasert, after she sent her husband the video that showed her hanging their 1-year-old son, Theeradej Saisupan, on a rope.

She left the baby dangling for a few seconds in order to scare her husband.

The mother told police that she feared her husband was cheating on her because he worked long hours and he did not pick up the phone for her.

In order to get her husband to pick up the phone, Jampasert sent him the distressing video.

When the husband, Jakrit Saisupan, 32, received the video, he asked police to go to his home. He did not want to press charges against his wife, but police took her in for questioning.

Jampasert told police that she is under a lot of stress due to her failing business and that she feared that her husband was seeing another woman because he was spending a lot of time at work.

She also confessed to having suicidal thoughts and said that she was not thinking clearly as she was very emotional.

She also expressed remorse over putting her son in this situation. The mother was released from custody.

The baby was unharmed, but was taken to a hospital for observation. Social workers will work with the family to determine if it is safe for the baby to return to the mother’s home.