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Teenager arrested after using her mother’s Facebook account to threaten to kill teacher

By Mason White 1:16 PM August 16, 2017
Desiree Zio
Desiree Zio
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A teenager who claimed to be a victim of bullying, was arrested for trying to bully a teacher.

The high-school student was arrested the night before the new school year for threatening to stab and kill his former teacher
over an issue from the previous school year.

18-year-old Desiree Zio of Florida, used her mother’s Facebook account the threaten the teacher.

She posted a message on the teacher’s Facebook page, which read: “I’m gonna kill ***.” She wrote the teacher’s name, which was not released by police.

The River Ridge High School teacher immediately told the principal about the threatening message, and police were called.

“We take very seriously any threat against any of our employees or student,” Pasco County School officials said.

According to Lt. Troy Fergueson, Zio claimed that she was bullied by a student during the previous year. A teacher got involved and settled the incident.

However, the issue “was not addressed to the suspect’s satisfaction” so she lashed out and threatened to harm the teacher.

During questioning, Zio allegedly admitted to writing the post and said she would “go to the victim’s work and kill her by stabbing her with a knife.”

Zio was arrested and charged with making written threats to kill or do bodily harm. Her bail was set at $10,000.

Zio’s parents claim that she suffers from mental illness, autism, and that she needs help not jail.

That school is also investigating the incident and their findings may result in a 10-day suspension or an expulsion.