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10-year-old girl takes man’s car for a spin and replaces flat tire after hitting curb

By Mason White 5:39 PM August 17, 2017
Flat tire (illustration)
Flat tire (illustration)
By: Mason White

People were shocked to see a 10-year-old girl and her friends trying to replace a flat tire on a vehicle, according to police in North Dakota.

Bismarck police said that they have arrested the girl after being accused of swiping the keys of a man’s car and taking it for a joy ride.

The girl has been charged with one count of theft of a motor vehicle. She was released from custody to her parents.

According to the police investigation, the 10-year-old girl went to the parking lot of the YMCA, on Monday night.

She spotted a 2009 Pontiac, and decided to take it for a spin.

The girl went into the YMCA and took the keys of the car from a locker. The girl sped away and picked up her five friends.

At some point, the girl hit a curb, and the car got a flat tire. She parked on the sidewalk and attempted the replace the flat tire.

People who witnesses the young girl changing the flat tire, called police.

Police officers arrived at the scene, and confronted the girl on the 600 block of N 12th Street. The girl told police that she borrowed the car from her friend.

Meanwhile, the victim called police to report that his car was stolen from the YMCA parking lot. The girl threw away the man’s wallet and iPhone, which he left in the car.