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Man named Joe Love flies Nazi flag on his property because nobody wants to steal it like confederate flags

By Mason White 5:44 PM August 17, 2017
Joe Love flying Nazi flag
Joe Love flying Nazi flag
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man named Joel Love of North Carolina, decided to fly a Nazi flag on his property just because he had the right to do so.

Page Braswell of Mount Holly, recorded a video, showing a confrontation with Love.

Braswell drove by Love’s house and noticed the bright red Nazi flag flying on the property. Braswell stopped her car in Love’s driveway, and went out to confront him.

Braswell asked Love, 44, why he flew the Nazi flag on his house.

Love responded that it was not her business and ordered her to leave.

Love asked Braswell what flag she flies, and she said the rainbow flag, which symbolizes love and support for gays.

When Love started yelling obscenities, Braswell decided to leave. Love later clarified that he was not a Nazi.

He said that the reason he put up a Nazi flag on his property was because thieves stole his confederate flags.

“Apparently, nobody wants the Nazi flag,” Love said.

Some of Love’s neighbors agreed that he had the right to fly whatever flag he wants on his own property.

The video of the confrontation was uploaded on Facebook, where it went viral.

Love has since removed the Nazi flag from his property.

Love assured the public that he does not hate anyone and is not looking to wipe out any race.