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Mother tries to educate people about dangers of opioids after her two teenage sons died from overdose on same day

By Mason White 12:57 PM August 17, 2017
Rebecca, Jack and Nick Savage
Rebecca, Jack and Nick Savage
By: Emily Lewis

A mother is devastated over the loss of her two teenage sons who died on the same day, as a result of a drug overdose.

Rebecca Savage of Indiana, was a mother of 4 boys before she lost two of them.

Savage is now trying to educate other mothers about the dangers of drugs in order for them to avoid the heartbreak of losing a child.

Savage said that her two sons, Jack, 18, and Nick, 19, both died in 2015, after taking oxycodone at Jack’s graduation party.

The mother said that the morning after the party, when she went to wake up Jack, she found him unresponsive in his bedroom.

Savage, who is a nurse, began doing CPR and she called 911. While emergency workers were trying to save his life, the mother went to the basement to get her older son.

There she found him unresponsive as well. Sadly, the teenagers died at the scene. The mother later learned that her sons decided to experiment with oxycodone at a party the night before, and both of them overdosed.

The two brothers were among 772 teenagers who died of drug overdoses in the United States in 2015.

After Jack and Nick’s deaths, she became more protective of her two younger kids, Justin, 18, and Matthew, 13.

Rebecca now spends her time trying to educate parents and teenagers about the dangers of drugs.