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Woman pulls down her pants and defecates on seat of crowded bus

By Mason White 1:53 PM August 18, 2017
Woman defecating on bus seat
Woman defecating on bus seat
By: Mason White

Passengers on a crowded bus in Australia, were shocked to see a woman defecate on a seat, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The incident unfolded in Melbourne, in the presence of mothers with young children.

The woman was wearing a black jacket with a gray hat. She pulled down her purple pants and began making sounds. She then defecated on one of the seats.

Several women yelled at her to stop, but she ignored them.

When one passenger told the woman that her child saw what she did, she said “I do not care about your child.”

The bus driver told the woman to get off the bus, but the woman insisted that she has not reached her destination.

Another passenger pulled out tissues from her bag and attempted to give them to the woman.

The passenger yelled for the woman to swipe her mess with the tissues, but she continued to ignore her.

When another passenger talked about calling the police, the woman left.

Another passenger recorded the entire incident with a cell phone and uploaded the video to the Internet.