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Man jailed for pretending to be his ex-wife on Craigslist where he looked to hire hitman

By Mason White 7:53 AM August 20, 2017
By: Emily Lewis

A man who wanted to get his ex-wife in trouble was jailed.

The man of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, posed as his wife when he created a Craigslist ad, asking someone for help with “taking care of her ex-husband,” according to police.

30-year-old Christian Koelsch was arrested after police determined that he was behind the Craigslist ad that was looking for the hitman.

According to police, Koelsch wrote that his wife was a victim of domestic abuse and that “her husband beat her and abused her.”

Police were tipped off to the ad and began investigating. During their investigation, Craigslist provided information to the police about the ad, and this helped authorities determine that Koelsch created it.

Koelsch was sentenced to 23 months in jail after pleading guilty to false reports and violating probation for a previous conviction of simple assault.

He was also ordered not to have contact with his ex-wife and to complete domestic violence therapy.