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Minister and daughter arrested as their ‘prayer massage’ therapy ended with sex

By Mason White 12:43 PM August 21, 2017
Jennifer (L) and Anne Dodge
Jennifer (L) and Anne Dodge
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A mother and her daughter were arrested after offering sex to an undercover officer in their massage parlor.

Police in Florida, were tipped off to an ad on in which a mother and her daughter offered erotic massages.

Undercover officers booked appointments and after several weeks of “treatment,” 55-year-old Anne Marie Dodge and her daughter Jennifer Lynn Dodge, 30, were arrested.

According to police, during their undercover operations, the daughter offered to perform sexual favors for $200 as opposed to the $120 price for a simple massage.

Officer Jessica Sullivan of the Sarasota Police Department, said that the pair ran the unlicensed massage parlor and prostitution out of a partially enclosed porch.

After her arrest, Anne admitted that she does not have a massage therapy license, but she explained that she has a business license and she pays taxes, and therefore, she advertised her business as “licensed.”

Anne defended herself and said: “I am an able minister and I am also a reverend, which means I can lay hands on people, which is what I do, I do prayer massage. I do energy work, which does not require a license in the state of Florida.”

The mother was charged with practicing without a license while her daughter was charged with prostitution.

DCF was called to the home to investigate as Jennifer has young children.