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Mother allowed boyfriend to sexually assault 6-year-old daughter because she did not have time to call police

By Mason White 3:43 PM August 20, 2017
Damylo Morrow
Damylo Morrow
By: Tanya Clark

A mother told police that she did not call police when her boyfriend molested her daughter because she did not have time, according to police in Georgia.

Gwinnett County police said that they have arrested Damylo Morrow, after being accused of touching the private parts of his girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter.

In court, Morrow was convicted of sexual battery. The mother of the girl pleaded guilty to cruelty to children. Morrow has been sentenced to serve three years in prison.

After his release from prison, Morrow will have to register as a sex offender. The mother was sentenced to 8 years probation and cannot have unsupervised contact with her child during this time.

According to the police investigation, Morrow removed the 6-year-old girl’s clothes and massaged her legs. He then touched her private parts.

The girl told her mother about the abuse, but nothing was done. When the girl’s grandmother found out about the abuse, she took the child to the hospital.

The mother of the child told the girl to lie to police and say that she was never molested.

When confronted by police, the mother said that she did not report the abuse because she was too busy with work and had no time to call the police.