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Mother throws glass jar at son because she did not like the way he made pasta salad

By Mason White 3:41 PM August 20, 2017
Victoria Claudine Petty
Victoria Claudine Petty
By: William Martin

A mother ended up behind bars after throwing a glass jar at her son because she was not happy with the way he prepared pasta salad, according to police in Guam.

Dededo police said that they have arrested 47-year-old Victoria Claudine Petty, after being accused of assaulting 24-year-old Sebastian Michael Petty Smith.

Petty has been charged with one count of family violence.

According to the police investigation, on Wednesday, Petty ordered Smith to prepare a pasta salad. The mother and son were in the kitchen, and Petty watched her son preparing the pasta salad.

Petty did not like the way her son was preparing the pasta salad, and called him “useless.” An argument broke out, during which Petty began throwing things around the house.

Petty picked up a glass jar and threw it at her son, hitting him in the chest. Police officers who arrived at the scene, notice an injury to Smith’s chest.

Petty denied the allegations, saying she did not throw anything around the house. She further stated that Smith might have hit her face with a computer mouse.

Police did not observe any injuries to Petty’s face.