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Lizard lives in man’s ear canal after crawling inside while he slept

By Mason White 4:23 PM August 20, 2017
Lizard (illustration)
Lizard (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A lizard wiggled its way into a man’s ear canal while he slept in his home, according to doctors in China.

The 30-year-old man of Guangzhou, went to the hospital after waking up with strong pain in his ear.

Initially, the man, who was not identified, thought that a cockroach entered his ear while he slept, but when Doctor Tu Bo of the First Affiliated Hospital at Jinan University, took a closer look, he realized that a lizard invaded his ear.

The lizard was still alive and causing a lot of pain in the man’s ear.

Bo gave the lizard an injection to calm it down, and then pulled it out of the man’s ear during a 5-minute procedure. Bo was frustrated after realizing that the lizard’s tail was missing.

The doctor looked into the man’s ear canal, but the tail was not there. It is possible that the lizard had its tail severed before it went into the man’s ear.

So far, the man made a full recovery and he does not have any pain in his ear.

Bo offered some advice to people suffering from living creatures in their ears.

The doctor recommended pouring vegetable oil in the ear before going to a hospital in order to calm the creature down.