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35-year-old fitness fanatic deliberately makes himself look much older to impress people on social media

By Mason White 8:28 AM August 20, 2017
Pawel Ladziak before and after
Pawel Ladziak before and after
By: Tanya Clark

Nowadays, it seems like some people will do whatever they can to become famous.

One man decided to change his looks in order to appear as an elderly man in order to get more fans on social media.

Fitness fanatic Pawel Ladziak of Warsaw, Poland, is just 35-years-old, but many people mistake him for a very good-looking and buff 60-year-old man.

Ladziak dyes his hair and beard white, which makes him appear elderly. Ladziak, who works as a fitness trainer, credits his growing popularity on social media to the unusual look.

He believes that his looks makes his stand out and sets him apart from other online stars. Ladziak now has over 369,000 followers on Instagram.

While most women would want their husbands to look younger, Ladziak’s wife Magda said that she likes his looks. She does not care that people think she is married to a much older man.