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Lost false teeth taped to tree with note asking owner to claim them

By Mason White 5:00 PM August 21, 2017
Lost teeth
Lost teeth
By: Emily Lewis

People in the United Kingdom, were surprised to see false teeth taped to a tree on the street.

Lois Slocombe took a photo of the false teeth that was in a plastic bag and taped to the tree in Skegness.

Slocombe said that she found the lost poster on Wednesday, while running down Hoylake Drive.

On Facebook, Slocombe wrote: “Found this on Hoylake Drive. If anyone is missing their teeth.” The person who found the teeth, wrote: “Have you lost your teeth?”

The post went viral on Facebook, but so far, the owner has not come forward.

Ryan Emmerson wrote: “That’s just disturbing, no one wants to walk down the street and see that. People would either look at it, and see it as a meme and just laugh, or they would find it very cringey and disturbing.

“If you lose your teeth, you go to the dentist like every other sane person, and if you find somebody’s teeth on the street, you leave them there, because they’re probably infected due to the unhygienic atmosphere in which the teeth have been in, and if they have been in the street, any sane person wouldn’t want them back anyways, as they’ve been outside.”