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Mother discovers cremains of her daughter that she cherished for 2 years are really ashes of a dog

By Mason White 3:06 PM August 22, 2017
Jennifer Dailey
Jennifer Dailey
By: William Martin

A mother is devastated after learning that the cremains which she had been holding and cherishing for 2 years, are really ashes of a dog.

Brokenhearted Jennifer Dailey of Pennsylvania, said that 2 years ago, she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Her daughter, Jerrica Sky, was cremated in April 2015, at the Bauer Funeral Home in Kittanning.

Dailey said that she received a white urn that contained a bag that was supposed to have the cremains of her daughter.

The mother admitted that she often held the urn and cried herself to sleep while grieving the loss of her baby. After two years, Dailey finally mustered up enough courage to open the box and she removed the remains.

To her utter shock, Dailey found a metal plate that read: “Butler Pet Cremation.” She immediately knew something was wrong and she contacted the funeral home.

Bauer Funeral Home said that they contract with Thompson-Miller Funeral Home in Butler County, which operates a pet and human crematory.

Glenn Miller of Thompson-Miller Funeral Home took full responsibility for the mistake. He said that he had too identical urns and he placed the labels on the wrong ones.

The mistake was rectified and the urns were exchanged. However, Dailey is skeptical over the new ashes. She wants to do DNA testing to make sure that she now indeed has her daughter’s remains.