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At least 15 teenagers treated for rabies after gang raping infected donkey

By Mason White 3:15 PM August 22, 2017
Donkey (illustration)
Donkey (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

Families in Morocco, took their children to hospitals after they suddenly became sick.

The families were horrified to learn that the teenage boys were all infected with the same disease that came from a donkey.

Police were called to the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital in Sidi Al Kamel, after 15 teenagers were infected with rabies.

According to the NYPost, the boys were admitted to the hospitals, where they stayed for one week in order to be treated and to receive rabies shots.

Police questioned the boys and learned that all got together and gang raped a donkey.

The donkey tested positive for rabies and was euthanized in order to not spread the disease.

During their investigation, police learned that there may be more boys who were involved in the rape, but their parents chose to take them to other hospitals that are not in the area in order to protect the honor of their families.