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Young mother burned alive over money dispute between her parents and in-laws

By Mason White 3:24 PM August 23, 2017
Gurcharan Singh and Parvinder Kaur
Gurcharan Singh and Parvinder Kaur
By: Mason White

Family members of a young woman are angry that she was burned alive over a dispute between her parents and her in-laws

24-year-old Parvinder Kaur of Vikaspuri, India, suffered horrific injuries when she was set on fire.

On her death bed, Kaur, a mother of one child, was able to tell police that her husband’s family caused her injuries.

Police arrested the husband, Gurcharan Singh, 27, brother, Prabhjot, 25, and father, Rawel, 62, in connection with her death.

During their investigation, police learned that the families were fighting over dowry for the young mother.

Dowry is paid to a man’s family by the woman’s family.
Traditionally, the woman’s father pays with either money or other valuables such as animals.

However, according to Kaur’s brother, if the couple gets married for love rather than in an arranged union as in this case, dowry is not paid.

Kaur and her husband were happily married for a number of years, and they have a 4-year-old son together. Recently, the husband’s parents began to demand dowry from her parents.

As a result of the dispute and tension between the parents, the couple separated and she returned to live with her family.

According to her family, she was sent away from her husband’s home last month, due to the dispute over the dowry.

When Kaur returned to her husband’s house to pick up clothes for their son, she was attacked and burned by his family.