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Large rat falls from restaurant ceiling onto table and dies next to customers’ food

By Mason White 4:24 PM August 22, 2017
Dead rat on restaurant table
Dead rat on restaurant table
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Diners at a popular restaurant in China, fled in disgust after a rat fell from the ceiling and onto a table, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

The incident unfolded on Friday evening, at the Sichuan Xiang Tianxia in Shanghai, China.

Surveillance video captured the moment the rat fell from the ceiling and landed on a serving table that was next to customers’ food.

The rat was still alive when it fell, but it died on the table.

Several diners got up and immediately fled in disgust. A waitress quickly took away the serving table.

The manager of the restaurant waived the customers’ bills as compensation for the disgusting incident.

Health officials said that employees of the restaurant have placed rat poison on Thursday, which caused the rat to fell from the ceiling and die.

The rat was 8 inches long, according to witnesses at the scene.

The Yangpu District Market Supervision and Management Bureau ordered the restaurant to stay shut until it solve its rat problem.