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Man arrested after fighting with roommate about which movie they liked better Star Trek or Star Wars

By Mason White 3:51 PM August 23, 2017
Jerome Dewayne Whyte
Jerome Dewayne Whyte
By: Tanya Clark

A man became violent with his roommate after an argument over which movie they liked better.

Police said that the argument was over which movie they liked better, Star Trek or Star Wars

23-year-old Jerome Dewayne Whyte of Oklahoma, was at the home that he shared with Burke Bradley Warren, 19, when they got into the argument over which movie was better.

During the argument, Warren became frustrated over the conversation so he left the shared living quarters and he went to his room.

As he walked towards he room, Warren told Whyte: “You’re just a trick.”

That comment aggravated the already tense situation. Whyte followed Warren to his room, where Whyte allegedly pushed his roommate to the floor twice and choked him, causing Warren to “go in and out of consciousness.”

Police determined that Whyte was the aggressor in this altercation. He was arrested for assault and battery, and for possessing marijuana.

Police discovered that Whyte had outstanding arrest warrants in connection with prior convictions for child abuse and for passing bad checks.

According to police, in both of those cases, Whyte failed to pay fines and restitution, which were ordered at the time of his sentencing.