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Uber driver preyed on drunk women outside bars before raping them in back seat of his car

By Mason White 5:11 PM August 23, 2017
Jahir Hussain
Jahir Hussain
By: Emily Lewis

An Uber driver lost his job after being accused of hanging around outside bars and preying on drunk women, according to police in the United Kingdom.

London police announced that the Uber driver who sexually attacked lone women, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison at the Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Jahir Hussain, 37, of Morris Road, had pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, one count of assault by penetration.

The court heard that Hussain attacked three women, aged 23, 29, and 31, while he was registered to work as an Uber driver.

Hussain picked up his first victim in the Old Street area as she made her way home.

Hussain attacked her after she fell asleep in the back of his car.

His victim woke up to find Hussain in the back of the car with her.

He had cut her clothing in order to rape her.

Hussain then repeatedly attacked his victim before driving her home.

In another incident, Hussain was again in the Old Street area when he was asked by his second victim if he was the Uber she had ordered.

He wasn’t, but he lied and told his victim he was.

His victim got in the car, fell asleep, and awoke to find Hussain in the back of the car with her.

The victim waking up seemed to stop Hussain from carrying out any further attacks.

Hussain drove to an abandoned industrial estate.

His victim managed to escape the car, and Hussain fled the scene.

Hussain then went back to the Old Street area and picked up a third victim.

Hussain’s victim fell asleep and woke up to find him in the back of the car, having cut her clothing off and attacking her.

Hussain then drove his victim home.

Hussain was ordered to list himself on the Sex Offenders Register for life, and is subject to an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order, preventing him from working or posing as a taxi, minicab or other driver, and preventing him from being alone in a private vehicle with a woman.