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Washington restaurant waiter refuses to serve ice cream with two spoons to gay couple

By Mason White 5:13 PM August 23, 2017
Ice cream (illustration)
Ice cream (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A restaurant in Washington, has come under fire after a gay couple claimed that a waiter refused to serve them an ice cream with two spoons for them to share.

55-year-old Ron Gage and 58-year-old Henry McKinnon said that on Thursday evening, they went to the Prime Rib restaurant, which is located at 2020 K St. NW, to enjoy a romantic night out.

They said that everything went fine until they asked for a single serving of ice cream with two spoons.

The waiter’s mood soured, and he refused to serve them the ice cream in a single serving, saying that it would not sit will with ambiance of the restaurant.

Gage and McKinnon were speechless, and did not say anything to the waiter or the manager.

The following day, the couple made their story public on social media sites.

James MacLeod, the manager of the Prime Rib restaurant, fired the waiter.

MacLeod stressed that the waiter did not speak English well, and he might have confused some words.

MacLeod said that this type of action is unacceptable at Prime Rib.