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26-year-old woman fatally chokes 50-year-old boyfriend and cuts up his body

By Mason White 5:30 PM August 23, 2017
Sheyanna Lisa Ray
Sheyanna Lisa Ray
By: Mason White

A young woman killed her much older boyfriend and dismembered his body, following a fight, according to police in Oregon.

Klamath Falls police said that 26-year-old Sheyanna Lisa Ray, has been charged in connection with the death of 50-year-old David Lowell White.

In court, Ray pleaded guilty to murder and abuse of a corpse.

Klamath County Circuit Court Judge Andrea Janney sentenced Ray to life in prison.

According to the police investigation, Ray lived with White at his home located in the 2400 block of Orchard Avenue.

After three months of living as a couple, Ray and White began to fight.

One day, White grabbed an electrical cord and choked White to death.

She then cut up his body and attempted to burn it in order to destroy the evidence.

Ray then fled to Redding, California, where she was caught.

Police found the cut up remains of White in his home after his family filed a missing persons report.