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Woman spiked 10-year-old boy’s slush before molesting him with adult toys

By Mason White 3:44 PM August 23, 2017
Tara Gotovnik
Tara Gotovnik
By: Mason White

A father learned that his young son was drugged and molested after the child refused to go back to the suspect’s home.

35-year-old Tara Gotovnik of Wisconsin, was charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child and delivery of a controlled substance.

She was ordered not to have any contact with the boy and is being held at the Milwaukee County Jail, on $15,000 bond.

Gotovnik is accused of spiking the 10-year-old boy’s slush with Ambien at her Greendale house, causing him to have blurred vision and slurred speech.

Police said that the 35-year-old woman stripped off her clothes and made the boy perform sex acts on her. She also used adult toys while sexually abusing the boy.

According to police, Gotovnik confessed to slipping sleeping pills into the child’s drink on two separate occasions, but she denied sexually assaulted him.

Police searched the woman’s home and allegedly found the adult toys, which the boy had described to authorities, along with the pills, which she admitted using to spike his drinks.