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Police officer commits suicide while on duty by jumping off police station building

By Mason White 4:06 PM August 24, 2017
Police officer (illustration)
Police officer (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Police officers in Japan, rushed out of their building during work after learning that someone fell to his death.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police discovered one of their colleagues lying on the ground.

According to their initial investigation, the officer committed suicide by jumping from the police station building in Shibuya Ward.

The incident unfolded at approximately 11:30 a.m. The 37-year-old man was found collapsed on the grounds of the Harajuku police station. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Detectives did not find a suicide note. However, shoe prints belonging to the officer were discovered on a window sill of the auditorium on the ninth floor of the building, which led them to believe that the officer intentionally committed suicide by jumping.

The officer was in uniform and on duty at the time of the incident. According to his colleagues, the officer, who had not been publicly named, had shown no signs of being in duress or having any problems.