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Police urge drug dealer to pick up lost suitcase with cocaine left behind on public bus

By Mason White 4:50 PM August 24, 2017
Suitcase (illustration)
Suitcase (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Police are looking for a drug dealer who accidentally left behind a suitcase filled with cocaine on a public bus, according to police in Scotland.

The Dumfries Galloway Police Division said that it was their lucky day, as the suitcase made its way from the public transportation lost and found division to the police station.

Police wrote on Facebook: “Were you a bit wasted last night? Did you misplace a suitcase with 6,500 pounds ($8,300) worth of drugs in it? Great news, it has been found and we have it at the Dumfries Police Station.

“Just pop in, tell us what’s inside it, where you left it and we will be happy to return it to you!

“You will be arrested and will only get the empty suitcase back after the court case.”

On a separate note, police wrote: “To check if your cocaine is good, mix it with vinegar. If it makes a volcano, it’s baking soda. If not, your drugs were ruined. Don’t do drugs. Drugs are bad.”

According to the police investigation, the drug dealer accidentally left the suitcase filled with cocaine on the National Express bus from London at the Whitesands in Dumfries, early on Tuesday morning.

Another passenger thought the suitcase belonged to him and took it.

After realizing that it was not his suitcase, he took it to the lost and found division.

When officials noticed a suspicious odor, they handed the suitcase over to the police.

Later in the day, the drug dealer came to the lost and found divison to claim his lost suitcase, but he was directed to the police station.

So far, the drug dealer did not show up at the police station to claim his suitcase with cocaine.