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Adoptive parents mourn death of 16-year-old daughter who was killed by her biological mother after she went to live with her

By Mason White 1:53 PM August 25, 2017
Rebecca Ruud and Savannah Leckie
Rebecca Ruud and Savannah Leckie
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) The adoptive parents of an autistic teenage girl are devastated to learn that she was murdered by her biological mother.

The Ozark County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri, said that they have arrested 39-year-old Rebecca Ruud, after being accused of killing and burning 16-year-old Savannah Leckie.

Ruud has been charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a child resulting in death and second-degree murder.

She was booked into the Ozark County jail, and she is being held without bail.

According to the police investigation, a short time after Ruud gave birth to her autistic daughter Savannah, she gave her up for adoption.

The girl was adopted by Tamile Montague and David Leckie of Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Last year, the girl decided to move back in with her biological mother.

Ruud severely abused her daughter.

Ruud called Montague to complain that Savannah was taking up too much of her time and costing her a lot of money.

Ruud eventually killed Savannah.

She put her body through a meat grinder and burned her remains.

Police recovered bone fragments and teeth from Ruud’s property.

DNA testing confirmed that the bone and teeth belonged to Savannah.