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British Airways forces passenger to sit in urine soaked seat during entire 11 hour flight

By Mason White 1:04 PM August 25, 2017
Urine soaked seat on British Airways flight
Urine soaked seat on British Airways flight
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A man who traveled from the United Kingdom to South Africa, had a terrible experience on a British Airways flight.

39-year-old Andrew Wilkinson paid $1,600 to fly from London to Johannesburg, in order to visit his parents who live in Cape Town.

When he boarded the British Airways flight, he noticed that his designated seat was soaked in urine from the previous passenger.

When he pointed this out to flight attendants, he was given wipes and told to wipe the seat clean.

Wilkinson demanded another seat, but he was told that the plane was fully booked.

Wilkinson had no choice but to seat in the urine soaked seat for the duration of the 11-hour flight.

He said that after a few hours, he felt the urine on his backside and thighs as it made its way through his jeans.

A spokesperson for British Airways said that the incident was very concerning, but reiterated that there was simply no other seat available for Wilkinson as the flight was fully booked.