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Grandmother beaten and head shaved by own daughter and granddaughter over loud TV

By Mason White 1:09 PM August 25, 2017
Delores Amorino
Delores Amorino
By: William Martin

A woman has suffered abuse at the hands of her own family members.

Police in Pennsylvania, rescued a woman after her daughter and granddaughter beat her and shaved her head.

According to police, the mother and daughter were angry because they thought she was listening to the Pittsburgh Steelers game too loud on television.

40-year-old Delores Amorino and her 17-year-old daughter, Sarah, turned down the volume while the 77-year-old woman was watching the game in the Youngwood house they all share.

The grandmother then went to her bedroom, closed the door, and turned on the radio.

Police said that her daughter broke the door and assaulted her. The grandmother suffered a swollen lip, bruises and an injured foot.

The granddaughter then took the abuse to the next level. She choked her grandmother and shaved the victim’s head. The pair is accused of threatening to harm the victim if she reported the abuse.

The pair was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, strangulation, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and harassment among other charges.

Sarah is being charged as an adult. Both women are being held on $200,000 bond each.