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Woman caught hiding bottle of alcohol in sandwich at sports event

By Mason White 1:18 PM August 25, 2017
The sandwich (L), and alcohol on leg
The sandwich (L), and alcohol on leg
By: Emily Lewis

A woman in the United Kingdom, was caught trying to sneak alcohol into a venue at a sports event.

Security guards at the Southwell horse track in Nottinghamshire, caught the woman trying to smuggle a 350-milliliter bottle of vodka into the venue by hiding it in a large sandwich that contained salami and tomato.

The woman made the baguette hollow and wedged the vodka bottle inside. She then placed a salami in front of the bottle to cover it up.

However, a sharp-eyed security guard realized that something was not right when he picked it up and felt that it was too heavy for a regular sandwich.

The security guard asked the woman to open it for inspection. When she opened the sandwich, the security guard was surprised to find the vodka.

The guard took a photo of the sandwich, and it was posted to the Southwell Racecourse Twitter page with the caption: ‏ “This was spotted by security yesterday, you hide it, we find it! Let us know your witty strapline suggestions and you could win a prize.”

People then uploaded photos, showing how they manage to smuggle alcohol into venues. Two people added a comment with photos, showing women with bottles of alcohol taped to their legs.