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Mother fired gun in Adidas store to see if it was real after her 8-year-old son found weapon in dressing room

By Mason White 1:08 PM August 27, 2017
Gun (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A mother is being criticized for pulling the trigger of a gun inside an Adidas store.

Georgia police said that a mother and her son were shopping at the Lenox Square mall in Atlanta, when the incident unfolded.

The mother was in the fitting room with her 8-year-old son when he found a gun under a bench at about 5:40 p.m.

The mother took the .22 caliber gun, but she was unsure if it was real or a toy gun.

According to police, instead of handing the gun over to a security guard, the mother chose to pull the trigger “to see if it was real.”

Thankfully, she did not point the gun at anyone, and she quickly learned that it was real and loaded. The mother had aimed the gun at the wall when she pulled the trigger, causing some damage, police said.

Police are now investigating the incident. Investigators are looking for the person who left the gun inside the Adidas store. So far, no arrests have been made.