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Uber banned from airport after driver defecated in public pick-up area numerous times

By Mason White 12:59 PM August 28, 2017
Uber (illustration)
Uber (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

Uber was banned from picking up passengers at an airport in Australia, after one their drivers were seen relieving himself in a public area.

Radio 6PR’s Morning host Gareth Parker said that he obtained the letter that was sent to the offending driver by Uber, stating that the company’s license was revoked from the airport over his actions.

The driver was removed from the Uber app after the company was banned from picking up customers at the airport.

According to the letter, the driver was seen by Perth Airport staff members defecating on one of the rideshare holding bays.

“This breached the above Rideshare Driver Access Terms and Conditions, as you have behaved in a manner deemed antisocial and offensive.

“Unfortunately, for this reason, the airport has requested that your access to conduct pickups from Perth Airport be revoked, effective immediately,” the letter from airport officials to Uber read.

An Uber spokesperson said that “behavior described is clearly at odds with our community guidelines and we’ve blocked the driver’s access to the app while we look into the matter.”