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Woman strips naked in mall and throws clothes at her ex-husband who said that he paid for all her belongings

By Mason White 1:08 PM August 28, 2017
The woman
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) People watched in horror as a young woman stripped naked in a busy mall in China.

Witnesses took video of the incident that unfolded on Saturday, at a shopping mall in the Jiangsu province, and uploaded them to the Internet.

According to witnesses, the woman ran into her ex-husband at the mall. He approached his former wife and slapped her across the face.

The ex-husband then said that he paid for the cell phone she was holding and for all of the clothes she was wearing.

In response, the woman threw her cell phone at him, but it landed on the floor. She then removed all of her clothes while curious shoppers stopped to watch.

A video of the incident shows the woman removing her shirt, pants and underwear.

At one point, the ex-husband is seen trying to stop her from removing her bra. However, he was unsuccessful. The woman was seen waiting for the elevator while she was completely naked.