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Mother shocked to find 19 venomous snakes in her kids’ backyard playhouse

By Mason White 3:15 PM August 28, 2017
Snake (illustration)
Snake (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) An animal control officer in California, said that she never found so many snakes living in one place.

The Ridgecrest Animal Control received a call from Amanda Friedrick of College Heights, after she and her husband noticed a snake in their kids’ backyard playhouse.

Friedrick said that she heard a strange noise coming from their kids’ playhouse, and when she went to check it out, she found a snake.

Friedrick’s husband used a shovel to keep the snake inside the playhouse until animal control arrived.

Ridgecrest Animal Control Officer Shawna Villa-Rodriguez responded to the scene on Wednesday, and removed a total of 19 venomous rattlesnakes from the playhouse.

It took the officer about an hour to capture all the snakes.

Friedrick said that the discovery was shocking and scared as her children played in the playhouse and could have been hurt or killed by the snakes.

All snakes were released into the wild outside of the city.