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Cheerleading coach forced young girls to do splits while they cried from pain

By Mason White 4:31 PM August 29, 2017
Ozell Williams forcing Ally Wakefield to do splits
Ozell Williams forcing Ally Wakefield to do splits
By: Mason White

Police launched a child abuse investigation after a video emerged, showing a cheerleading coach forcing young girls to do painful splits, according to police in Colorado.

Officials of the Denver school said that the cheerleading coach has been fired for forcing the girl to do splits as they cried from pain.

Tom Boasberg, who is the Superintendent of the East High School, said that on Thursday, June 15, the mother of one of the young women on the cheerleading team sent a letter to the athletic director that raised her deep concerns about the use of forced splits.

This communication included at least one of the videos that have been circulating on the Internet.

The next morning, the East principal, athletic director and an assistant principal met with the young woman, the parents and the cheerleading coaches to discuss the concerns the mother raised.

At that meeting, the school leadership team believed they had addressed and resolved all concerns.

“What is shown in the videos is extraordinarily distressing. At that time, the decision should have been made to terminate the employment of the coach and to report what was observed on the video to police,” Boasberg said.

This week, on Tuesday afternoon, Denver police informed the school that they were initiating an investigation based on a complaint made to Denver Human Services about forced splits at the cheer team practice.

Boasberg terminated the coach of the cheer squad, Ozell Williams.

Williams defended his actions, saying that the video is being taken out of context.

The video shows Williams standing next to the girls and pushing them to continue with the splits as they cried in pain.

Boasberg said that the training crossed the line as the school does not allow forced splits.

The school has placed four other employees on leave, the East High School principal, an assistant principal, an assistant cheer coach and a lawyer.

Kirsten Wakefield, the mother of 13-year-old Ally Wakefield, said that her daughter cried out in pain and repeatedly asked the coach to stop pushing her.

Ally suffered leg injuries as a result of the forced splits.

Since the videos were made public, Ally has been suffering from bullies who are telling her to commit suicide.