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Outrage as Christian girl forced into Muslim foster care homes despite families not speaking English

By Mason White 12:44 PM August 29, 2017
Muslim woman and a Christian girl (illustration)
Muslim woman and a Christian girl (illustration)
By: William Martin

Parliament members in the United Kingdom, are demanding an investigation after it was discovered that a Christian girl was placed in foster care with Muslim families over her own family’s objection.

While there has been an issue with a shortage of foster care homes for children from ethnic minority backgrounds, the reverse is very uncommon.

The borough of Tower Hamlets in London, was responsible for placing the 5-year-old white Christian girl with religious Muslim families.

However, they refuse to answer question as to why they decided to hand the girl over to these families whose cultures are very different than that of the child’s birth family.

The girl has spent the past six months in two very religious Muslim households, where the mothers wear niqabs and burqas, and the girl was forced to learn some Arabic as both families do not speak English, which is the only language the girl knows.

The situation came to light after a social worker said that the girl is traumatized. She cried and begged not to be sent back to the home of the Muslim family as she was placed in an environment that is very unfamiliar to her.

After a visit with her birth mother, the family reportedly did not allow the girl to eat a sandwich she received from her mother because it contained bacon.

She was allegedly also offered to remove her necklace, which contained a cross. According to reports, the girl said that her foster family told her “Christmas and Easter are stupid and European women are alcoholics.”