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Man kills coworker who introduced him to smoking and caused his throat cancer

By Mason White 12:36 PM August 29, 2017
Man smoking (illustration)
Man smoking (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A man blamed his coworker for causing him to get cancer after he introduced him to smoking.

25-year-old Mustakeem Ahmad from Myanmar, traveled to Delhi, India, for work as a sous-chef in his brother-in-law’s restaurant in Uttam Nagar.

Ahmad worked with the chef named Inayat. During that time, the two were friends. Ahmad, who did not smoke before coming to the restaurant, said that Inayat introduced him to smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

The two took smoking breaks together during work. Sadly, Ahmad began feeling sick and he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Doctors told Ahmad that his cancer came to due his excessive smoking.

Ahmad told police that he was furious with Inayat, as he blamed him for his cancer. He said that he bought a gun and practiced his shooting to make sure he aimed well.

Ahmad went to his brother-in-law and demanded Inayat be fired, but he refused as Inayat was a great worker. Amad then went to his coworker, and shot him.

Inayat was rushed to a hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries. Ahmad fled the scene, but he was tracked down and arrested. He now faces charges of murder.