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Police arrest 14-year-old boy for dancing while crossing street

By Mason White 5:08 PM August 29, 2017
Boy dancing in street
Boy dancing in street
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy was questioned by police after a video showed the child dancing in street, according to police in Saudi Arabia.

Mecca police said that they have arrested the 14-year-old boy for improper public behavior and obstructing traffic in the streets of Jeddah.

The boy, who was not identified, was seen crossing a busy street while dancing to the 1993 hit song Macarena.

The boy also stopped in middle of the crosswalk and danced as cars were waiting for the traffic light to change.

A pedestrian took a video of the boy, and uploaded it to Twitter, where it went viral.

Some people called the boy a hero while others said he was immoral.

The video was eventually forwarded to police who arrested the boy on Tuesday.

Macarena is a Spanish dance song by Los del Rio, about a woman of the same name.

Appearing on the 1993 album A mi me gusta, it was an international hit in 1995, 1996, and 1997, and continues to be a popular dance song at weddings, parties, and sporting events.