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Woman vomits after finding live frog in salad mix while eating vegetables

By Mason White 4:41 PM August 29, 2017
Frog found in salad mix
Frog found in salad mix
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A woman of California, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a frog sitting on her plate of salad.

37-year-old Becky Garfinkel of Corona, said that she bought the container of salad mix at a Target near her home on Wednesday.

When she came home, she poured the contents of the Taylor Farms container onto her plate and began eating.

When she ate most of the vegetables, she noticed that a piece of lettuce was moving on its own.

Garfinkel looked closer, and saw a live frog staring back at her.

Garfinkel freaked out and screamed.

She was so traumatized that she vomited.

Garfinkel alerted her husband, who noticed that the frog was in poor health.

They decided to nurse it back to health, and keep it as their pet.

Garfinkel filed a complaint with target, and she was offered a $5 gift card as compensation.

The couple named their new pet “Lucky.”

On Target’s Facebook page, Garfinkel wrote: “Target. This is the most disgusting thing I have seen. Yes that’s a frog, a live frog from my spring mix I got from your store today. I discovered him after eating almost my entire salad and almost stabbed him. The worst for me is that I’m a very strict vegetarian due to meat allergies.”